By submitting materials to the Hereditas Minariorum authors affirm/certify that:
1. their work has not yet been published anywhere,
2. their work is the result of their own work and does not infringe the copyright and that their copyrights to the work in question are not in any way restricted,
3. graphic images (drawings, diagrams, photos, etc.) attached to the article are their exclusive property. If this is not the case, the authors have the permission to publish this material in their work, and, if necessary, they will provide required permits.  
At the same time, the authors grant the Wrocław University of Science and Technology (Politechnika Wrocławska) royalty-free non-exclusive perpetual license to:
1. save their article in the memory of its computers,
2. make the article accessible via the publicly available computer networks,
3. digital and optical multiplexing.